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Christ Pantocrator mosaic from the Hagia Sofia

Our Theology/Ethics class has been studying and discussing different theories of atonement.  My group looked into the Nonviolent Atonement theory, which is based in narrative Christus Victor.  Almost all atonement theories have something beneficial to add to the conversation.  This poem is my attempt to bring out what’s compelling in Nonviolent Atonement.

Christus Victor
by Jordan Uomoto

To pick up the sword is to pick up a consuming fire
That spreads from clenched fist to smoldering heart
Until all this is left is a shadow of smoke

Yet God reveals another kind of flame
That outshines all lamps
Illuminating the path to walk in

Death went out into the field to reap the wheat
Pulled out scythe to separate head from shoulder
But when he came to Christ it was like batting a dandelion
Poof, seed everywhere scattering like marbles
Roots sinking like stones in the ocean
Branches sprouting like lightning
Frantically the reaper swings his blade
As if swatting some wasp
Swinging chopping cutting splitting
But each branch divided multiplying
Each cut vine crawling like tentacles
The arch of the reaper’s swing shortens
Vegetation wraps round his arms and muffles his mouth
Until Death is overtaken
Buried in abundant overgrowth

Violently sin thrashes
Chomping its skull
Only to find the grin of Golgotha gone
All its teeth shattered from smashing them
On the Foundations of Life

The chains of oppression
Only buckle and break when bound round
The ever expanding Tree of Life

Disobedience knocked out in round one
By the force of a hurricane
Come in the form of a whisper
It is accomplished
The raised up Word of Life

Where o Death is thy sting!
Christ reigns triumphant!
Christ reigns victorious!

Jordan is a first year M.Div student who has deep roots in Seattle.  He enjoys poetry and bboying.  Prefers brevity.

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