Film Review–Miss Representation

Miss Representation is a 2011 documentary, from Girls Club Entertainment, focusing on how women are portrayed in the media and why there are so few women in powerful, political, positions. The messages in the media start young  as girls get the idea that how they look is most important and boys get this message about […]

Book Review–Anthem

There has been a resurgence in popularity for Ayn Rand in the last few years.  Certainly her books were something of discussion 50 years ago while she is still alive and writing, but America, of late, has begun a new interest in Rand.  Ayn Rand is known for her philosophy of Objectivism which holds both […]

Lessons from The Lorax

My favorite Dr. Seuss book from childhood would have to be the story about the star bellied sneeches and how discrimination and the strive to be popular can leave a person (or sneetch) penniless, which is captured in The Sneeches and Other Stories.  Because of my love of the sneetches I was delighted to discover […]

Book Review–The Marriage Plot

Jeffrey Eugenides has finally taken a break from writing short stories for The New Yorker and finished  a third novel, The Marriage Plot.  Eugenides is the author of The Virgin Suicides (you may have seen the movie) and Middlesex.  Both The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex are coming of age stories concerned about the impact dysfunctional […]


I really should not watch zombie movies anymore.  I had never really found them all that frightening.  That is until I was driving under a fairly long tunnel on my way to Bellevue and had a flashback to the tunnel scene in 28 Days Later (not to be confused with the movie 28 Days).  I […]


Someday I plan to own my own home. I also plan to build this house.  Of course, I will have to get some help from my Dad, who is a master at all things construction.  To date, while I am handy with a hammer, I have only successfully built a rickety tea shelf. With the […]