They’re Not Dancing

“It’s an understandable mistake – but it’s still a mistake. […] The mistake made by [many] contemporary Christians, is to imagine the relations of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity as a kind of dance.”

Why Hope for Heaven?

“Some time ago I received an email from one of my former students [who tried] to live a Christian life, but [found] the church intellectually feeble and spiritually lifeless. In particular, she [was] nauseated by the way that certain Christian preachers [used] the hope of a ‘sweet by and by’ to dull the pain their congregants feel in the here and now. [Read further to see] what she wrote [and my response].”

A Fruitful Dialogue

Read how Dr. Steele used St. Augustine’s story of the theft of the pears as an illustration, that ended up having equal parts serendipity and machinations rolled into one class!