Apostolate Intensive

A few days after the completion of the abbey intensive course, we newly acquainted graduate students began the second intensive course on mission. Exemplifying the apostolate tenet of the theology program, students spent the week touring local nonprofits that focus on mission to the poor of the greater Seattle area. The texts we read for […]

Abbey Intensive

The deer are grazing in an open field with fawns comforted in being at their mother’s side. As I arrived at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island for a one-week intensive course, I couldn’t help but marvel at the proximity of natural beauty. The Olympic mountain range descended in tiers over the narrowest part of the […]

Hello and Welcome to the School of Theology Blog.

My name is Donovan Richards and I am a student in the graduate program. Being a part of the inaugural class, I desire to illustrate student life in our program. While some might say that the path leading me to the SOT graduate program is unique, I would argue that it was providential. Seeing that […]