In a new “From the Associate Dean’s Desk” post entitled, “They’re Not Dancing,” Dr. Steele discusses an understandable but undeniable mistake.

“It’s an evocative devotional image and a suggestive theological idea – but it’s based on a linguistic faux pas nonetheless. It’s a mistake I have heard several colleagues make in lunchroom conversations, and it’s one that I myself used to make in my own lectures, until I learned better a few years ago. [….] But now that I have found even the venerable and beloved Eugene Peterson guilty of it – and now that I have this blog in constant need of fresh material – I must speak out.”

What mistake would inspire an entire blog post, you must wonder?

Read Dr. Steele’s full post about the common mistake “to imagine the relations of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity as a kind of dance” here:

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