In a new “From the Associate Dean’s Desk” post entitled, “Muriel’s Parsnips,” Dr. Steele discusses the discovery of candied parsnips.

“I had never tasted candied parsnips before, but after that first serving at Muriel’s house I could never get enough. Muriel Dresser and her husband Marston were members of the Shopiere United Methodist Church, a small, rural congregation near Beloit, Wisconsin, where I pastored from 1978 to 1982. The Dressers were retired farmers, then in their mid-70s. Both were hale and hearty, though Muriel suffered from a severely arthritic hip and walked with an awkward, rolling gait. But that never stopped her from attending church[,] doing her household chores[, or from becoming my friend and surrogate grandma].”

To read Dr. Steele’s full post on his memorable friendship with the Dressers, click here:

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