In a new “From the Associate Dean’s Desk” post entitled, “The Ties That Bind,” Dr. Steele discusses his friendship with Tom Krueger:

“Tom Krueger was standing at the church lectern, wearing golfing duds and carrying a nine-iron. He looked, and apparently felt, a bit sheepish. But, as usual, he had a mischievous twinkle in his eye too. ‘I’m dressed today,’ he said, ‘the way I usually dress on Sunday mornings. You’re probably wondering why I, of all people, should be standing here on Stewardship Sunday, encouraging you folks to increase your commitment of ‘time, talents and treasures’ to this church, when my own commitment isn’t what it should be. I’m wondering that, too.’ We all knew Tom, and we all howled with laughter. But the pledges that came in on that autumn day in 1983 more than covered the budget for 1984.”

To read Dr. Steele’s full post on his friendship with the Tom and Dorothy Krueger, click here:

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