Are you interested in engaging in an in-depth study of the Gospel of Mark? Have you wondered how this text can inform your vision for Christian discipleship amidst the complexities of today’s world?

Join us for a special Lectio seminar on the Gospel of Mark taught by SPS Prof. Laura C.S. Holmes. The class will be hosted on Tuesday, January 5th, from 6pm-9pm on the SPU Campus in Upper Gwinn.

Dr. Laura Holmes teaches seminary and undergraduate Theology courses at Seattle Pacific Seminary and University. Her research interests include investigating how New Testament authors such as Mark talk about God, and how their manner of speech might be instructive and challenging for theology and discipleship in the church today. Her dissertation, “The Theological Role of Paradox in the Gospel of Mark” explores how paradoxical language pervades the entire narrative, and that it serves a theological purpose not only in the themes of christology and discipleship, but also in describing God’s activity.

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Questions? Contact the Center for Biblical and Theology Education at or 206-378-5415. The RSVP deadline is Monday, Dec. 21st.

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