This week, Dr. Rick Steele’s “From the Associate Dean’s Desk” entry on the SPS blog, SignPosts, highlights a former student’s perspective.

“I’d been a struggling transfer student in SPU’s undergrad theology program for about a year and a half when Dr. Rob Wall, Professor of Scripture, introduced me to Dr. Richard Steele. It was the end of the 2008-2009 school year, I’d (somehow) survived Dr. Wall’s New Testament Letters class and, after a final meeting with Dr. Wall, we happened to see Dr. Steele in Alexander Hall. Dr. Wall exuberantly made the introduction and then strategically exited stage right. The next two and a half hours with Dr. Steele were like trying to drink from a fire hydrant, which is, as it turns out, exactly what they – and all the subsequent times I’ve (somehow) been sovereignly selected to have with him – have been ever since.”

Check out this post by Dr. Steele’s former student and friend, who shares with us a poem, “Cornfield Country.” It reflects on their past conversations centered on Dr. Steele’s experience as a country pastor:

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