This week, Dr. Rick Steele’s “From the Associate Dean’s Desk” entry on the SPS blog, SignPosts, is entitled, “Kant and the Climbing Tree.” It is dedicated to dear friends and esteemed Seattle Pacific University colleagues, Dr. C. Edward Smyth, Professor Emeritus of Educational Ministry, and Dr. Les Steele, Professor Emeritus of Christian Formation.

“When I was a freshman in college, I fell in love with a tree. Nothing weird, mind you. It was a pure and chaste sort of love. I might even call it a Platonic love, if it hadn’t turned out, instead, to be Kantian. More on that below. But first some context.

I spent my undergraduate years at Haverford College, a small Quaker school ten miles west of Philadelphia, PA. The campus is beautifully landscaped, and is in fact a registered arboretum, with specimins of many exotic trees and shrubs. One of its most distinctive attractions is the “Climbing Tree,” a gnarly old osage orange that stands just to the left of the entrance ramp to the Magill Library.”

Check out more of Dr. Steele’s reflections on the “Climbing Tree” here:

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