It’s mid-winter quarter, the perfect time for a reflection on Sabbath!

In Norman Wirzba’s book “Living the Sabbath,” he says that Sabbath is all about the “experience of delight.” He writes, “The connection between delight and the Sabbath should not be hard to draw, for in expressing delight we show our joy and great pleasure in the gifts of God. To take delight is finally to relish the goodness and beauty of God’s work and to see in each other the trace of God. It is to recognize and appreciate that we are all gifts to each other and that our mutual welcome forms the basis for convivial life together. This is why the exercise of delight readily slides into acts of praise and thanksgiving. How can we not be thankful or express praise once we are aware of the countless kindnesses that feed and inform our living?”

How are you practicing Sabbath in your daily life?
How do you experience delight?

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