In a new post, “From the Associate Dean’s Desk,” Dr. Steele discusses St. Augustine’s doctrine of sin.

“One evening in my THEO 6020 Global Christian Heritage 1 class, we were talking about sin. Or to be more precise, we were talking about St. Augustine’s doctrine of sin. It is, ahem, a touchy subject. Augustine is often said to over-identify sin with sexual desire, and Western Christianity is often said to have followed him all too closely on this point, with disastrous consequences to its understanding, both of sin and of sexuality. There is some truth in that charge, but it is often grossly exaggerated, and I was trying to correct the exaggeration.”

Read more about how Dr. Steele used St. Augustine’s story of the theft of the pears as an illustration, that ended up having equal parts serendipity and machinations rolled into one class!

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