Join us this Lenten season as we reflect on the Stations of the Cross:

“The devotion of the Way of the Cross, or the Stations of the Cross, goes back to the earliest centuries of the church. [….]

[The Stations are] a time to see and remember God’s pain as the pain of others. It is a time to confess to our guilt, our lack of action, how shallow and hesitant is our response to the sufferings of others, how half-heartedly we resist evil, never looking deeply into our own levels of collusion. We reflect and agonize over injustice and pray with Jesus to stand against and resist it and try to absorb what we can of it into our flesh and lives and stop it there. It is a chance to examine whether our sufferings and pain come from closeness and compassion toward the suffering servant in the world today or from our own selfish determinations, or simply from being human.”

– Megan McKenna, “The New Stations of the Cross”

Art: “Calvaire” by M. Diene

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