Atonement Theories

The cross – the iconic symbol of Christian faith – is strewn across churches t-shirts, necklaces, and tattoos. What was once associated with the most brutal of deaths is now an image and reminder of hope. This symbol lies at the core of atonement theories. This senseless act of violence on Golgotha transformed the world […]

Segregation in the Church

Often labeled taboo, discussions concerning ethnicity rarely find acceptance in public or at the dinner table.  Most people carry the generally accepted premise that segregation is a past problem, solved and swept under a rug. However, a glance across the pews of most American churches portrays a strikingly different story. The article titled, “Race, Diversity, […]

GCH-II: MY Study on John Henry Newman

During my second class of three courses in Global Christian Heritage, I had the privilege of studying John Henry Newman.  Most known for his shocking conversion from Anglicanism to Catholicism, John Henry Newman was tabloid fodder in his native England, a country openly opposed to Roman Catholicism.  Responding to these allegations, Newman wrote his ground-breaking […]

The Life of a Graduate Assistant

As everyone knows, students are broke. Taking full-time classes costs money and devours most of the time that one would use working another job. Luckily, the School of Theology offers graduate assistantships which help ease some of the financial burden. While blogging is one of my responsibilities as a graduate assistant, it would be rather […]

The Pew Forum Survey and Lectio: Guided Bible Readings

Sometimes, I find it difficult to deal with people who claim they know something when it is clearly evident that they are clueless. Whether to save face or to gain access to the “in” crowd, these people attempt to knowledgeably dialogue on this hypothetical subject. Inevitably, his or her dearth of understanding betrays him or […]

Creation Care

The third course the students took during autumn quarter was a course on Theology/Ethics. One of the major questions the class sought to answer was, “What responsibilities do Christians have towards the earth?” We explored the Noahic Covenant in Genesis 9 and found a God who makes a promise not only to Noah but also […]